Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Length 274.48m and breadth 48.04m with GRT of 81,085.00

The Aframax tanker was experiencing failure on her propulsion system, Managed by SCF Management Services, Cyprus contacted Colombo Dockyard for repair assistance, given the size of the vessel she was directed to Hambantota HIPG port, where the vessel was comfortably accommodated at the repair berth.  

Sovcomflot (SCF) is the largest shipping company in Russia and a world leader in energy shipping. The company is focused on offshore services, liquefied gas transportation and the conventional shipping of crude oil and petroleum products, with 146 vessels with a combined deadweight of 12,648,839 tonnes trading globally.

After arrival intermediate shaft (18 tons) was disconnected and removed for inspections. It was found that the connecting bolt failure between the intermediate shaft fwd flange and flywheel flange. As per the owner’s request Marine Shaft, Denmark deputed machinists and portable machining tools to HIPG.

However, due to prevailed COVID 19 situation mid-March 2020, Denmark machinist team was recalled to Denmark given the global pandemic situation, the project scope was not completed. Upon the request from the owner’s, yard continued the in-situ machining process keeping generally agreed on safety precautions against COVID 19 which vessel gained days to complete the job.

With the need for final precision machining by “Marine Shaft” to qualify for their original equipment warranty, owners were looking for all available options to complete the project early as possible. The flight restrictions on account of the COVID regulations were overcome, when the owners decided to charter a flight and get down the Denmark machinists on board to complete the job. Shipyard team assembled the propulsion line and completed the job, meeting the owner’s expectations. In addition to this main job, coolers and valve servicing were done.

The professional support extended by the HIPG/ HIPS teams across all levels from the top down to the operation levels must be mentioned and appreciated, which has resulted in Colombo Dockyard being able to promote Sri Lanka as a serious destination for ship repairs and shipbuilding. 

Mr W.N.R. Janith Chamika headed the repair team while Mr. I.K.L.C Weerasinghe coordinated the job. Owner’s interest was looked after by Mr Aleksandr  Akulov and Mr Georgy Pavliashvili. The DNV-GL ensured the classification requirements were fulfilled meeting the owner’s expectations.  The local husbanding agents for the project ACRUS SHIPPING handled the co-ordination work smoothly.

Colombo Dockyard PLC operates in collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd, Japan since 1993 providing ship repair and shipbuilding services to the global marine fraternity at one of the most strategic marine hubs “Sri Lanka”.  

MT SCF Sayan at HIPG berth
Yard Team attending in-situ machining of flange
Aft Seal Inspection with Hanging Staging
Senior Management visiting Yard repair Team onboard