Ship Repairs

In the ship repair sector, on average, Colombo Dockyard handles over 200 vessels annually with 100 accommodated in drydock and the balance accommodated at the alongside repair berth. Colombo Dockyard  is capable of handling all routine, damage, and retrofit repairs.

Colombo Dockyard operates four graving drydocks with a maximum capacity of up to 125,000 DWT and over 1000 meters of fully serviced alongside repair berths.

The four drydocks range from 9000 to 125,000 DWT. The largest drydock caters to tankers, bulk carriers, and offshore drill rigs.

The 30,000 DWT drydock accommodates the feeders and trampers plying regional waters.

The two 9000 DWT drydocks provide ideal docking facilities for offshore support vessels, naval vessels, trawlers and work boats.

Our workshops are fully equipped with the latest machinery and equipment and the yard is geared to cater to all types of ship repairs including,

  • Machinery repairs
  • Hull repairs
  • Propeller repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electronic and automation repairs
  • Cargo gear repairs
  • Internal tank, cargo hold blasting and coating
  • Installation of ballast water treatment systems

Drydock repairs undertaken include ;

  • High pressure water jetting and cleaning
  • Grit / shot blasting
  • Airless spray painting
  • Overhauling / installation of undersea fitting
  • Withdrawal of tail-end shafts
  • Renewal of stern bushes
  • Overhauling and renewal of stern seals
  • Unshipping of rudders
  • Checking and correcting alignment of rudders
  • Replacement of anodes
  • Installation and repair of cathodic protection systems
  • Non-destructive methods for testing radiography
  • Lignum vitae re-bushing
  • Ultrasonic x-rays and magnetic particle surveys
  • Load line inspections
  • Safety equipment surveys
  • Certifications