Thursday, October 26th, 2023

Colombo Dockyard PLC, Sri Lanka’s leading shipbuilding and ship repair facility, recently participated in the prestigious “INMEX-SMM-2023” shipping exhibition held in Mumbai, India. Under the capable leadership of Mr. H. Tanaka, Chairman, and Mr. Thimira Godakumbura, Managing Director/CEO, Colombo Dockyard has embarked on proactive initiatives to strengthenthe bonds in the maritime market. Their participation in this event aimed to foster stronger ties with the Indian fleet and regain the confidence of ship managers, owners, and service providers in Sri Lanka’s capabilities for ship repair and construction.

Colombo Dockyard has a rich history of participating in marine exhibitions, having been a regular presence at events like Posidonia in Greece, Norshipping in Oslo, Sea Asia in Singapore, SMM in Germany, and other prominent platforms for over five decades. Their recent participation in the INMEX-SMM Mumbai edition marked the second occasion where they actively exhibited their expertise. The shipyard consistently promotes Colombo as a competitive hub for repair and building services in South Asia, Europe, and on the global stage, flying the Sri Lankan flag with pride.

Situated in close proximity to the Indian subcontinent, Colombo Dockyard is widely recognized as a “Home away from Home” for the rapidly expanding Indian fleet seeking superior repair and shipbuilding facilities. The theme of the INMEX-SMM event, “Home away from Home for the Indian Fleet,” resonated well with the Indian shipping community, emphasizing the strong relationship between Colombo Dockyard and Indian clientele, making them a significant market segment for the facility.

The INMEX-SMM exhibition served as a pivotal meeting point for various stakeholders in the Indian and global shipping industry, including machinery and equipment suppliers, classification societies, and shipbrokers. Colombo Dockyard seized this opportunity to underscore its strategic location in close proximity to the Indian Subcontinent, its successful collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard, and its high-quality repair services. Their offerings include Rapid Response Afloat Repair Services, Rope Access Repairs, Riding Crew Repairs, and extensive expertise in constructing Cable Layer Vessels, Eco Bulk Carriers, Offshore Vessels, Passenger Vessels, among others.

Furthermore, Colombo Dockyard utilized this platform to emphasize the stability of the Sri Lankan economy and the country as a whole, following the challenges faced in recent years. This commitment to showcasing its capabilities and fostering strong partnerships positions Colombo Dockyard as a major player in the international maritime industry, offering valuable services to clients across the globe.

Colombo Dockyard team was lead by Mr. S.G. Senadheera – General Manager (Ship Repair Business), Mr. Benny Fernando – Consultant, Mr. Amila Rukshan – Asst. Business Manager (Ship Repair Marketing) and Mr. Primal Jayasuriya – Executive (Projects Proposal Development and Marketing).

Comprehensive Showcase of the Colombo Dockyard Exhibition Stall and its Dedicated Team