Thursday, October 26th, 2023

In a remarkable display of maritime expertise, Colombo Dockyard recently undertook drydock repairs on the Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) Surya Veerya (LOA: 226m, Beam: 37.20m, GRT: 45,811) with highest appreciation for their swift response and exceptional service. The vessel is owned by Foresight Group Services Ltd, UAE, which has a fleet of four Very Large Gas Carriers. The ship is managed by Wilhelmsen Shipmanagement, Malaysia.

The VLGC Surya Veerya called Colombo for drydock repairs. Facing unforeseen challenges of lead time, the vessel’s call for assistance was met with a prompt and professional response from Colombo Dockyard.

The team at Colombo Dockyard, known for their maritime prowess and technical proficiency, efficiently managed retrofit of DESMI OPTIMO BWTS, Safety Valve repairs at Cryogenic Workshop, Heat Exchanger tube eddy current tests and after repair pressure tests and routine drydock repairs. This multi-tasked operation was executed with utmost precision and care, despite the complexities involved.

What truly sets this endeavor apart is the dedication and commitment displayed by Colombo Dockyard in ensuring that the VLGC Surya Veerya was back in the ocean before the stipulated timeframe. The repairs were completed before the guaranteed time, earning the highest appreciation from all stakeholders involved.

Acknowledging the collaborative effort that made this project a success, special thanks to be given to Foresight Group and Wilhelmsen for their unwavering support and understanding throughout the supervision of the repairs. Their cooperation and expertise played a pivotal role in the project’s success. As VLGC Surya Veerya prepares to set sail once again, we wish the vessel fair winds and smooth seas on its journey, confident in the knowledge that it has received the best care and expertise from Colombo Dockyard.

Colombo Dockyard’s handling of the VLGC Surya Veerya’s repairs is a shining example of their commitment to maritime excellence. This recent achievement underscores their position as a prominent figure in the maritime industry, and they continue to prove their odyssey of excellence with each project they undertake.