Colombo Dockyard Successfully Carries out Extensive Propeller Repairs on MV Pavo Brave while Afloat

Tuesday, September 5th, 2023

Colombo Dockyard PLC operates Rapid Response Afloat Repair Services to Vessels to assure safe sailing in Indian ocean even they face challenges. MV Pavo Brave entangled her propeller with a steel buoy in Bangladesh and shut her propulsion down immediately. The vessel’s management company, MMS Co. Ltd Japan contacted our parent company Onomichi Dockyard Ltd, Japan and sought their intervention to assist the vessel repair through Colombo Dockyard PLC. The shipyard immediately arranged safe berthing at Hambantota Port and got ready to repair the propulsion system which could extend to greater levels depending on the damage.

The greatest impact to the vessel in such emergency situation is finding an immediate docking slot at close proximity and the waiting time. Understanding these concerns, RRARS developed a proven method of commencing shaft line repairs while afloat was proposed for this project. With the experience of repeating the same exercise in several bulk carriers, Colombo Dockyard successfully convinced MMS Co. Ltd to attend repairs without docking at Hambantota port which also saved considerable cost for towing.

The vessels MMS Co. Ltd manage are trading globally hence Colombo Dockyard, being located in a strategic location in the middle of Indian ocean is an ideal partner for their planned and emergency repair needs.

The vessel was towed to Hambantota Port and Colombo Dockyard’s Planning team decided to remove the propeller and rest it at the pier to repair due to the deformations of the propeller was observed. Being masters in handling such high risk and highly involved jobs, Rapid Response Afloat Repair Services (RRARS) team made the necessary arrangements to remove the propeller and transport it to the berth. The team removed the intermediate shaft and the tail shaft, inspected and measured the stern tube bearing and contact area of tail shaft, all which were found to be within the parameters as the ship has managed to take immediate actions to avoid further damage at the initial stage of contact with buoy. Following the surveyor’s advice, bond testing of both Fwd and Aft bearings was carried out and found all were intact.

In parallel, propeller’s damage was assessed by RRARS team followed by NDT testing. After which the necessary repairs and fairing up process commenced at controlled conditions. After bringing the blades to the designed profile, it was MPI tested and fitted back onboard. The remarkable expertise exhibited by the Colombo Dockyard team was evident as they fastidiously worked on refurbishing the propeller and aft seal, leaving no detail overlooked in the pursuit of restoring them to their optimal states.  All these repairs and inspections were carried out under the supervision of Class NK, the vessel’s classification society.

Colombo Dockyard acknowledges MMS Co. Ltd for the confidence placed in their Afloat Repair Services and placing their valuable asset to undergo this unique repair at Hambantota Port, where the project was completed within budget and on time meeting the client’s expectations.  The head of Afloat Repairs, Mr. Y.R.A.P.M. Rajapakse managed the overall project while the repair team was led by Ship repair Engineer Mr. D.J. Jayatunga under the guidance of Asst. Production Manager for Engine Dept. Mr. D. Abeywickrama.

Colombo Dockyard PLC also established the Afloat repair support at Trincomalee port by forming a branch office inside the port premises. The purpose of providing solutions to the vessels at their emergencies is yet again proved by The RRARS team. This special unit is fully geared to handle afloat repairs in any port or any anchorage in Sri Lanka.