Emergency propellor repairs carried out by colombo dockyard on norwegian owned bulk carrier in trincomalee

Friday, June 4th, 2021

The afloat repair was completed two days ahead of the planned duration, saving time and money for the client

MV. Star Norita (LOA 190 x Beam 32.26 with GRT 32,371T) bulk carrier had experienced damages on her propeller blades followed by undue vibration, noise and high fuel consumption. She had completed her cargo operations at Haldia and were looking for emergency repair support. Considering the less diversion time, ample berth availability with calm water for such an operation, Colombo Dockyard proposed to trim the propeller blades by berthing the vessel bow down at Trincomalee port. Accordingly, the vessel sailed from Haldia to Trincomalee and the Colombo Dockyard’s Rapid response Afloat Repair Services team (RRARS) was mobilised to attend to the repairs at Trincomalee port.

MV Star Norita accommodated at Ashroff Jetty – Trincomalee Port, work continuing day and night.

RRARS team arrived at Trincomalee on 14.05.2021 evening and necessary pre-planning was carried out to attend the vessel soon upon berthing on the May 15thmorning. The team immediately erected the scaffolding hanging to the rudder, inspected the extend of damage on each blade, marked damaged areas, took the dimensions.

Repair work continuing day and night to provide a fast turnaround time for the client

Accordingly, they have prepared the damage report with the exact dimensions and position of the damage and communicated it to vessel owners, Surveyor from the classification society Llyod Register. The biggest damage was observed in blade No. 4. Yard defined the cutting profile from the blade together with the class surveyor on site. The extend of damage on other blades also compared and agreed to proceed with the same profile on all four blades.

The on-site team prepared a cutting template, accordingly, marked on the blade and commenced cropping the damaged portion accordingly. Prepared the edge with smoothening and shaping the profile with grinding. Cleaned the treated surface and carried out DP testing to endure free from cracks. The same process was done for all four blades sequentially.

Propellor repair work being attended at afloat condition

The job was initially quoted for five days, but the yard team completed and handed over the vessel for sailing at 2000hrs of the third day, two days ahead of the estimated duration. RRARS team travelled from west coast to east coast across the country, where travel restrictions were imposed and partial lockdowns were imposed due to the 3rd wave of Covid-19.

After the propellor damage, the vessel observed the fuel consumption as 26-27 MT at 89 RPM with heavy vibration and noise. Even during repair, it was observed that the holding nuts of the rudder inspection cover came out due to vibration. The feedback from the vessel after the repair was successfully carried out, at Eco speed of 96 RPM, the fuel consumption came back to the desired original parameters which are 23 MT, a saving of 4 MT of fuel per day and no vibration or undue noises from the propeller.

Sri Lankan Government has already initiated the development plans for Trincomalee port, where Colombo Dockyard was also invited to look at possible opportunities.  A senior team from Colombo Dockyard visited the Trincomalee port and inspected potential areas for development, especially for ship repairing and shipbuilding activities. As a result of this visit and the full co-operation of the SLPA team, facilitated smooth execution of this repair operation carried out in afloat condition.  Special mention of the officials Mr. K A K N W Weerasinghe, Resident Manager (Trincomalee) and Capt.Sriyantha Arampath, Deputy Harbour Master.

The project team was coordinated by Mr. Venura Wanasinghe, Head of Afloat repairs and the production team was headed by Mr S. L. Liyanage. The Colombo Dockyard’s overseas representative for Norway Mr. Harald Vinnes of HV Trading played a key role in securing the project and coordinating the commercial matters smoothly. The local agents for the vessel  Wilhelmsen Meridian Navigation Ltd. also provided the necessary logistic support to facilitate the project completion meeting owners requirements.

The Bulk carrier accommodated at the Ashroff Pier during her emergency repair call.

Colombo Dockyard PLC operates in collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard Co. Ltd, Japan since 1993 providing ship repair and shipbuilding services to the global marine fraternity at one of the most strategic marine hubs “Sri Lanka”. 

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