Dock slot Agreement for the 7 – 10 vessels of 5000DWT Eco bulk Carriers

Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

1. Dock slot Agreement for the 7 – 10 vessels of 5000DWT Eco bulk Carriers


The Dock slot Agreement for the 7 – 10 vessels of 5000DWT Eco bulk Carriers for the Misje Eco Bulk AS-Norway were signed on 9th September with the participation of Mr.D.V Abeysinghe -MD/CEO of CDPLC, Mr. Roald Misje -Chairman of the Misje , Ms. Alina Printseva – Chief Financial Officer of Misje, Mr.Prince Lye-Head of Shipbuilding Marketing of CDPLC and Mr.Tobias Dessen of Clarksons Platou AS.

The 7th and 8th vessels are to be delivered in 2025 and 9th and 10th in 2026.

This is a continuation of the trust Misje has in CDPLC as the very first European customer of CDPLC, having previously contracted six vessels of same.

Figure 1 : Signatories posing for an official photograph after signing the Dock slot Agreement

2. Delivery of the first 5000DWT Eco bulk Carrier for the Misje Eco Bulk AS-Norway


Colombo Dockyard PLC (CDPLC) On 21st September 2022 delivered “Misje Vita”, 5000DWT EcoBulk Carrier built for Misje Eco Bulk AS, Norway (Misje).

This is the first vessel of the series where CDPLC signed and executed shipbuilding contracts in March 2020 for four vessels initially.

Norwegian company Misje Eco Bulk AS is CDPLC’s first European customer for a new construction project and the delivery of the vessel marks a historic milestone in Sri Lankan shipbuilding which demonstrate the CDPLC’s ability to undertake different types of vessels with varying and modern technologies. CDPLC is pleased to be able to deliver the ship on schedule despite many disruptions both domestically and internationally.

This is a 89.95m long vessel is designed to hold a cargo capacity of 5000 DWT. The type of cargo it could carry includes bulk cargo, grain, timber, unit loads and containers.

These vessels are designed to be sustainable and climate friendly with lower emissions compared to conventional bulk carriers of the same size incorporating Hybrid-Electric Drive system with Energy Storage Battery System and Energy Management System.

These state-of-the-art bulk carrier concepts are in line with the owner’s vision of providing Norwegian and European industrial customers with the most profitable, predictable, safe, and most environmentally friendly maritime transport services. The design and basic design were developed by Wartsila Ship Design Norway AS. Detailed design was carried out inhouse by the CDPLC design team.

The delivery protocols were signed at the CDPLC Head office by Mr. D.V. Abeysinghe MD/CEO of CDPLC and Mr. Roald Misje, Chairman of the Misje Eco Bulk AS.

Figure 2: Mr. Roald Misje -Chairman of Misje and Mr.D.V Abeysinghe -MD/CEO Colombo Dockyard Exchanging Delivery Protocols

Figure 3: Group Photo with the ship model after signing the delivery protocols

Figure 4: “MISJE VITA”,5000DWT Eco Bulk Carrier Ready for Delivery

Representing owners, Ms. Alina Printseva – Chief Financial Officer of Misje, Mr. Thusitha Herath, Mr. Prince Dharmarajan, and Mr. Venura Wanasainghe, Owner Representatives for the project also took part the event.

Mr. Iku Kuwaoka Technical Advisor/ Alternate Director, Mr. Horibe Director, Mr. Thimira Godakumbura Chief Operating Officer, and a host of other Senior Management and Staff representing CDPLC participated at this occasion.

Following the signing of delivery protocols, the ceremonial delivery took place at the Dock No 4 entrance of CDPLC premises, and the occasion was graced by the participation of owners, Vessel crew and CDPLC top management and employees.

This project illustrates CDPLC’s reputation in the European Market with the brand “Built in Sri Lanka blending Sri Lankan technology with Japanese quality” receiving high recognition and acceptance in Europe market.

CDPLC operates in joint collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard Company Limited of Japan with a 35% stake by Sri Lankan Government institutions. Expanding its business nearly five decades, CDPLC is the front runner of Sri Lankan industrialization as the leading contributors to the National Export earnings from the Shipbuilding sector.

With the steady support of the Sri Lankan Government authorities in CDPLC’s growth pursuits CDPLC is confident in continuing our growth strategies despite the challenges faced by Sri Lanka.