Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

Colombo Dockyard PLC (CDPLC) signed and executed two more shipbuilding contracts with Misje Eco Bulk AS (Misje) a Norwegian company, a fully owned subsidiary of Kåre Misje & Co., to build two more 5000 DWT Eco Bulk Carriers. CDPLC has already executed four Eco Bulk Carrier contracts and these two vessels will be the 5th and 6th vessels of the series.

These 89.95m long vessels are developed as eco-friendly vessels, as they have lower emissions compared to a conventional Bulk Carriers of the same size as each vessel is powered by 4 stroke diesel engine with an Electric Hybrid system supplying additional power through a Battery system. The concept design and the basic design of these modern Bulk Carriers are developed by Wartsila Ship Design Norway AS and the detailed designing is carried out inhouse by the CDPLC design team.

In addition to the six Eco-Bulk Carrier vessels for the Norwegian market, construction of a Cable Laying and Repair Vessel (CRV) for a French owner is already underway at CDPLC, which portrays the good reputation earned by CDPLC in the European Market with the brand “Made in Sri Lanka, blending Sri Lankan technology with Japanese quality” receiving high recognition and acceptance.

CDPLC has been targeting the European market extensively, especially for the construction of Eco friendly Bulkers, Cable Laying and Repairing Vessels, Service Operation Vessels, etc… which are of high demand and CDPLC has been highly successful in capturing and serving these emerging markets in Europe with the new strategic marketing approaches adopted by CDPLC.

(5000DWT Bulk Carrier)

CDPLC operates in joint collaboration with Onomichi Dockyard Company Limited of Japan who owns a stake of 51% at Colombo Dockyard PLC. CDPLC also has a 35% shareholding by the Sri Lankan Government institutions. As the leader of Shipbuilding Industry in Sri Lanka, CDPLC continuously proves its excellence through successful securing and execution of shipbuilding projects worldwide and is one of the front runners of Sri Lankan industrialization.