Corporate sustainability practices at Colombo Dockyard PLC (CDPLC) is of extreme importance and given due prominence in the corporate strategic decision making process. Sustainability takes on a unique dimension at CDPLC that translates to better stakeholder engagement, developing and supporting a professional workforce, protecting a delicate environment, and continuing to grow our business in a meaningful way that ensures improved opportunity and a better quality of life for future generations.

Key sustainability considerations at CDPLC:

  • Maintaining Economic Viability

High rates of Domestic Value Addition (in excess of 50 percent) for ship repair and shipbuilding sectors have been achieved with the use of indigenous expertise. Our shipbuilding and repair expertise has won accolades from an international clientele and has helped CDPLC achieve consistent growth rates for over a decade.

  • Safe Work Environment 

The policies practiced at CDPLC creates a work environment that maintains a high standard in occupational health and safety. Customised awareness training programs conducted throughout the year and the use of personal protective equipment, amongst many other measures, has helped CDPLC achieve remarkably low accident severity rates with each passing year. Strict compliance to national and international standards has seen CDPLC retaining the ISO 9001:2008 annual certification.

  • Sustaining our community

The community that we work in is recognised by CDPLC as an integral part in the sustained development of our business. Redefining the CSR perception by creating a good atmosphere for employee volunteerism, encouraging employees to participate in projects that help change attitudes, perceptions, and values has been successful. Uplifting employee lifestyles via rewards and remuneration via higher salaries, streamlining processes and systems that create a good work / life balance have been hugely successful.

  • Human resource Development

Encouraging employee participation in decision-making, empowerment, and transparency are key attributes inbuilt within the HR value proposition of CDPLC. We have been able to align our human resource management strategies with our strategic business objectives seamlessly, by encouraging constant dialogue, instilling trust, and demonstrating organisational justice.
While a standardised set of ISO certified documented procedures provides a firm foundation and guidance, CDPLC always takes a holistic perspective in HR decision making and managing related issues.

  • Rewards, Remuneration and Benefits 

CDPLC provides high salary and remuneration benefits to its workforce that are well above local industry standards. The company recognises the right of employees to engage in collective bargaining and uses such dialogue to address issues of mutual interest and relevance when deciding levels of annual remuneration and benefits granted to employees.

  • Transparency and Open Dialogue

CDPLC believes in a culture of open dialogue and have continued to institute effective communication strategies that propagate this culture. From cross functional teams, open forums to numerous other communication methods, an effective two-way channel has been created that empowers teams to comment, give ideas and discuss company issues that have an impact on the overall well being of the organisation.